This week marked the launch of the website OpenIDEO. The site allows anyone to participate in design challenges posed by IDEO and their clients.

There are loads of open innovation sites out there, but what’s nice about OpenIDEO is that it makes the process feel much more accessible and inviting. Their four timed phases, inspriation, concepting, refinement, and evaluation, give the challenges a easy-to-follow flow, and a clear way to let the user know how to meaningfully participate. And the visual and interaction design of the site are quite engaging.

The first featured challenge is in support of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: “How can we raise kids’ awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?” And it’s a great challenge with which to launch the site. Because it it doesn’t require any specialized domain knowledge, it’s something everyone can feel comfortable participating in. It doesn’t require expert skills, just an interest in eating healthy.

You can learn more about how the site works by looking at the completed challenge Create an inspirational logo for OpenIDEO. The challenge was done internally at IDEO, not only to find a logo, but, presumably, as a way to test the site. It’s an interesting case study in open design.