3D Everywhere!

Barneys Co-op

Yesterday I received a Barneys Co-op catalog in the mail — in which all of the photos were shot in 3D. Because they used the red-blue anaglyph method, they also included a pair of glasses. It may be an old-fashioned technology for 3D, but it’s still pretty fun. (You can also see the 3D catalog on their website.) So, I figured it was a sign for me to post some of the 3D links I’ve been collecting lately.

A couple months ago Robyn released a 3D music video online for her song Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do. What’s cool is that the video takes real-time twitter feeds and incorporates the text into the video. It’s a pretty low-touch interactivity, but nicely done. This piece was created by Blip Boutique and Stopp Web, with typography by Jakob Nylund.

Robyn, Killing Me
Robyn, Killing Me

Insane, and of pretty dubious utility, is this 3D bookmarklet. (By Yusuke Kawasaki.) It turns a regular web page into a 3D version of it. Sorry, no real interactivity here, but it’s crazy enough to be very cool.

Did you know that Google Street View can display in 3D? Just right-click within a view and select “3d mode on.”

Google Street View in 3D

I think my favorite 3D site, so far, is Snowdin. Made by Cole + McVoy as a holiday site in 2008, it’s got all sorts of cute games and surprises. And, the 3D is interactive! So, for example, if you jump in the ski game, the character rises up. Very charming.