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Rosemarie Fiore

"Tempest 1" Rosemarie Fiore, 2001, digital c print, 4 ft x 6 ft

Take a look at these photographs by Rosemarie Fiore. Each one takes a video game and captures one gameplay as a single exposure. It’s a fascinating way of looking at the overall mood of an interactive experience. Plus, they’re beautiful!

The photos are all from 80’s games — played on Atari, Centuri, and Taito platforms. It’s interesting to see how the technical capabilities and limitations of the machines give the images such a particular feeling. Doing the same long-exposure photography on modern games, with more full-motion action, would probably look more like ghostly blurs.

They remind me of the output generated by IOGraph, which tracks your mouse movements. Less digitally, they capture time much like the extremely long exposure photographs of Michael Wesely — such as his 34-month exposure of the construction of MoMA.

Link via Information is Beautiful.

Update: I must not be the only one thinking about long exposures today. Check out BERG’s post on light painting, including this beautiful pic of Roombas in the dark.

"Gyruss 1" Rosemarie Fiore, 2001, digital Lamda print, 30 in X 30 in
"Quantum 2" Rosemarie Fiore, 2002, digital c print, 36 in x 40 in
"Qix 8" Rosemarie Fiore, 2002, digital c print, 16 in x 15 in