Jodi (1999) may be best known for their web-based artworks, but I recently found these images and thought they’d be interesting to share. They’re from a Mac-based project done some time between 1998 and 1999.

Much like how full-bleed photos on early Quokka websites caused a kind of freak-out when people saw them,’s early work generated a lot of unease. Users didn’t feel totally safe that these were “just” art pieces. The simulation of computer and its visual and audible elements felt so realistic that people asked “Is this a virus? Is something bad happening to my computer?”

For me, it’s interesting to also place’s work in the context of the late 90’s. It was a time when chaos theory was trendy, and many young designers, struggling with the new demands and revolutionary scope of interactive media, would debate the merits of structuring their content — instead wanting to embrace chaos as a design principle. (Something I, personally, found pretty frustrating.) is still a vibrant collective. It’s definitely worth taking at their website (and the links on their wikipedia page), and the various projects there.