rAndom International

Arclighting recently posted two fascinating video histories, by Thomas Schielke, on lighting and communication technologies in architecture. The videos contained just a handful of examples of interactivity — but there were some elegant ones from rAndom International, a firm which is inventing and creating interactive, experiential installations.

rAndom International was founded by Stuart Wood, Flo Ortkrass and Hannes Koch in 2002. The studio was set-up as a license for experimentation with the mission to develop a new artistic vocabulary. … Working from the fringes of art, design, science and architecture, rAndom are developing projects and installations that re-interpret the ‘cold’ nature of digital-based work and emphasize the interaction between the animate (audience) and the inanimate object, bringing the two into a powerful sense of aesthetic relation. Their work renders the technical to the ephemeral, harbours an intense curiosity towards experimental processes, and develops into a body of diverse installations, commissioned works, performance projects and one-off experiences

Their work’s interactivity may seem straightforward, but the results are elegant and quite beautiful. Often playing with ideas of reflection and image, the installations respond to interactions via motion, sound, and drawing tools. Some of their projects are collaborations with other artists, which gives an interesting range to their portfolio. And the last video, of their process, gives some nice insights into the experimental nature of their work.

(Arclighting link via Interactive Multimedia Technology.)