Medley AR

Revealing a display under a watch

Here’s a charming Augmented Reality vision piece, “Medley,” created by Mattias Wozniak and Björn Svensson as part of their Masters Thesis at Lund University in Sweden. It’s full of great, beautifully delicate, examples how AR could be incorporated into everyday life. A nice contrast to some of the alternative nightmarish advertising or boring corporate scenarios.

Medley is based around the notion of “augmented reality visor seamlessly integrated into your world.” With this visor as a base, Mattias and Björn present scenarios entitled play, share, create, and guide. And there some nice details. For example, playing with an AR ball at the bus stop, the system keeps an ongoing score of the game. And the subtlety of hiding a panel of content under your watch strap, and then sliding it out to see a message, is a great way to associate data with physical objects — much nicer than than having everything appear on some sort of giant augmented reality computer screen.

Simple, beautiful and human. Very cool.

Update: Björn sent me links to two PDF files (on Dropbox) that are definitely worth a look for further information. The first is the full Thesis report, and te second is a shorter summary Article. Thanks!

Playing with an AR ball at the bus stop
Leaving a digital artifact behind for a friend to discover
Friend locator, wayfinding, and location-based content
Original storyboard for the 'Waiting for the Bus' scenario

(Link via Games Alfresco.)