Codebending with Illucia

Ok – so at first “codebending” is going to seem like a pretty weird idea and little more than a fun geeky art hack. But it’s way smarter than “just” that.

Illucia is a codebending instrument from Paper Kettle that allows the user (performer?) to connect different software programs together and control their interactions. It’s mostly games — like “Soviet Life Sequencer” that combines Tetris with Conway’s game of life, but there’s also “Pile of Secrets” which is a codebendable text editor.

Codebending is the exploration of software with “patch points.” Patch points expose the inner workings of computer programs, and allow for atypical connections between things like games, music making software, office suites, etc. … Fascinating and unexpected things happen when connecting otherwise-unrelated programs: Video games can play other video games. Music synthesizers can control word processors. …

At its core, codebending is a way to do software mashups — combining data and functionality from multiple sources. But Illucia makes the user engagement so much more fun with its beautiful hardware control platform and patch cables that route information between the different programs.

The Illucia project page has more details on what can be done, and how you can run this without the special hardware. And there’s also a great faq page with more details on the ideas and technical foundations behind codebending.

“Codebending is the joy of systems as play.” I want more!

PCO (Paddle Controlled Oscillator)
Soviet Life Sequencer
Pile of Secrets
War Machine

(Link via rb.trends.)