IxDA Interaction Awards

Out of the Box

The IxDA has just published the winners of their first ever Interaction Awards and it’s a really interesting collection of projects. Unlike other design competitions, which tend to segment projects into categories based on communication types or media categories, these awards are based on what interaction makes possible: connecting, disrupting, empowering, engaging, expressing, and optimizing.

A couple noteworthy winners…

Best concept went to Out of the box by Vitamins. It’s a charming old-technology solution to a new-technolgy problem: helping people learn how to use a new smartphone. Here, flipping pages of a paper book guides the user through setting up and learning to use their phone. While I don’t want a phone that requires this much learning, it’s a beautiful solution working within its constraints.

The best of show award went to LoopLoop — the world’s smallest music sequencer — created by Stimulant. It’s a tactile and exploratory experience, letting users pour loops from one cube to another, and build longer compositions.

Appie, is a great approach to shopping lists, integrating recipes, store inventory, previous purchases, and the post-shopping cooking. It even knows the store’s layout to present the shopping list grouped and ordered for your route. I only wish it connected to other sites and apps.

There were also a couple larger-scaled installation winners that were interesting. Plug-In-Play was an architectural-scaled experience where participants could impact graphics being projected on a tall building. And the Alumni Center had some nice screen towers.

I’m looking forward to seeing what wins these awards next year.


(Link via FastCo.)