Parsons Design & Technology

Yumi Endo

Recently I was asked (along with Anne Burdick who is chair Art Center’s Media Design Program, and Golan Levin who teaches at Carnegie Mellon) to review the MFA program in Design and Technology (DT) at Parsons The New School. (We also reviewed their BFA programs in Communication Design (CD) and TD, but I won’t discuss that here.). It was a fantastic experience — meeting with faculty, alumni, students, and administrators.

Before the invitation I wasn’t very familiar with the program — so it was a good opportunity for me to do some research about it in advance of the meetings. I can’t say anything about what’s going to be in the report but figured I could share some general information about the program.

Doris Yee

The MFA Design and Technology program is part of the School of Art, Media, and Technolgy. It’s all within Parsons which is then within The New School.

To get a sense of the work the students do, this blog post from The Next Web has a great collection of projects from the 2012 thesis show. And to see some other recent student work, there is a thesis show site.

Hsiang Ju Hung

One thing that I really liked seeing was the integration of design with coding as a core part of the curriculum. It’s something that was fundamental to my education at the Media Lab, and I really pushed for it when I taught, years ago, at Art Center. But I’ve been so “heads-down” in my professional work lately that I forgot that this is happening more and more. There are a handful of schools approaching design from this perspective so stay tuned for a future post…