Process Videos

Sprint - process
Sprint – process

GMUNK, who I previously interviewed for his work on “Tron,” recently put up a Pintrest page full of eye-candy fantasy UI and GFX process videos. They’re all worth a look, but here are a couple cool highlights…

The “Tron” video shows some of the graphics from the Solar Sailor sequence. Very beautiful. It’s interesting to see the composition of live action and globe effect, and the way in which the interface works (or doesn’t quite work) with the live action hands.

This “Iron Man 2” reel show shows the evolutions of the graphics as well how the the interactive sequences were sketched and integrated with the actors.

I’ve seen Sprint’s “The Dream” movie preview ad more times than I want to count. But did you know that the effects were shot live, or “practically”?

And for something completely different, here’s a very handmade process for the Mad in Spain 2012 titles.

In all – lots of great work. And inspring to see the level of attention that’s paid to something that may only be on the screen for a short period of time.