Present Quick


“This is straight-up blogging, amateur prose written quickly and with neither guiding stricture nor sober editing.”


Just discovered and love the tone of it all. I’ve been struggling with what do to on this site — do I post here? tweet? medium? — and this post expressed so many of the thoughts I’ve had over the past year or so…

So-called “people” on the Internet are writing about how no one blogs any more. I am one of these no-ones, by which they mean those of us whoused to write things on the Internet and post them to our own servers, but have now instead gone over to centralized services like Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook, where we spend our time—the diaspora of the alienated transformed by convenience into an aggregation of the aggrieved, or something like that. And they think it’s a shame, and it is a shame. So I took the Blogging Challenge

No answers for what’s next here – but… maybe a step towards more posts and tweets…. Or at least understanding when to do what.

p.s. I’m in love with this post: — so many awesome quotes, too….

“Windows is the Superbowl Halftime Show of operating systems. Given what everyone got paid, and how many people were involved, you’d think it would be a lot more memorable.”

“When something works say that was the plan all along.”

“To my knowledge, no one has ever been prosecuted for downloading twenty-year-old word processing software”