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Cooper Hewitt’s Pen

This past June the Cooper Hewitt museum¬†announced their plans for the opening of the renovated and restored Carnegie Mansion and the exhibitions that will inaugurate the revamped and expanded gallery spaces. Some of the new exhibitions will use an interactive pen that visitors can use to “draw, design, and explore” the content. (See this Wired […]


Bill Moggridge 1943-2012

Bill Moggridge passed away last Saturday. Bill was a pioneer in the field of interaction design — the designer of first laptop computer, a founder of IDEO, and, most recently, the director of the Cooper-Hewitt museum. Bill was a designer who understood that design wasn’t just about the thing. And it wasn’t just about what […]


Reducing Pain with SnowWorld

One of my favorite pieces at the Cooper Hewitt 2006 National Design Triennial was ”SnowWorld.” It was beautiful, absorbing, and other-worldly. The basic concept and execution are pretty simple… Wearing VR goggles, you fly through a snowy landscape and throw snowballs at woolly mammoths and penguins, while listening to Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” But the purpose […]

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I.D. and Design Culture

Over the past several years I rarely read I.D. magazine. And so when it was recently announced that the magazine was going to cease publication I wasn’t terribly moved. Yes, it was sad to lose an historic design voice. But the magazine had been feeling less and less relevant. Perhaps it was just another casualty […]