Two Screen TV

What do you do when you’re watching tv? It’s old news that we multitask — using our laptops, ipads, and phones, and do all sorts of stuff. So it’s interesting to see these recent iPad apps that try to build on that activity — giving viewers a parallel track of information to accompany what’s on the tv. […]

Future Interview Present Special

Interview: GMUNK (TRON: Legacy)

For Disney’s “TRON: Legacy,” Bradley Munkowitz, better known as GMUNK, was the lead animated graphics artist. He assembled and led a team of GFX all-stars who conceived, designed and animated approximately 10 minutes of UI sequences and holograms at Digital Domain for director Joseph Kosinski and visual effects supervisor Eric Barba. I was so happy […]


Movie: Tron

After seeing this fantastic fan-created re-imagined trailer for Tron (source: Gizmodo), along with being excited about the upcoming Tron Legacy, I thought it could be interesting to take a look at the interfaces in Tron (1982) — a film I have a crazy nostalgic love for. The world envisioned in Tron is distinctive and stylized — […]