Rediscovering Yugop

Yugo Nakamura (click for an interview in Japanese)

If you’ve never seen the work of Yugo Nakamura, known online as Yugop, go immediately to his website and take a look around. And if you have seen his work, it’s probably worth looking at again.

Based in Japan, Yugo’s been doing amazing interactive work since the late 90’s. His work, primarily Flash-based, has an intimate sketch-like experimental quality. His projects are beautiful explorations of dynamics and interaction. With their understated tranquility, they reflect Yugo and his culture.

What’s especially inspiring how all of his projects retain his touch. They’re clearly his sites — even when they’re for large clients. They’re fresh and light. A nice reminder that the mark of the individual designer doesn’t need to be subsumed by the project. They’re so unlike a lot of current work that agencies produce — that have a “Big American” corporate heaviness — that feel like the result of too many meetings and focus groups. (Tom Ford gave an interesting discussion of this, as it relates to fashion and our bodies in this recent NPR interview.)

Yogo’s work lends support to John Gruber Auteur Theory of Design. The theory looks at Auteur Theory in filmmaking — where a director’s films reflect that director’s personal creative vision — and argues for us to support a similar approach with interactive media work.

Yugo’s work is a great reminder that an individual, or a small team, can develop amazing things, and for any size client.

You can read more about Yugo in this 2008 interview with Patrick Burgoyne.

Jampack 01, from
Industrious Clock, from
Modeller A - Blackribbon, from
Design and the Elastic Mind, MoMA website
Uniqlo Grid

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