Seeper and Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping is a hot trend right now, and this piece from the UK collective Seeper, a promotion for Nokia Ovi Maps, is a beautiful interactive example.

[The project] combined a high powered projection installation with dynamic face tracking, custom optical flow and a completely custom and crazy thing called arrow chess. The interactive projection mapping brings people right into the projection, from placing their face on the wall through to creating optical waves and arrows around them based off each individual’s movements.

Seeper’s done a lot of amazing work. “Their Battle of Branchage” is another, although not interactive, projection mapping piece. And their interactive “Decode Lab, Seetouch Music Sequencer,” which looks like it’s got an addictive interface, was part of the recent V&A show. Take a look through their website for more compelling work.

I’m also including, below, the projection mapping piece, “ENVISION : Step into the sensory box” by Superbien. And while it’s not interactive, it is pretty awesome.

(Link via Digital Buzz Blog.)