Reading Room 2020

Recently Philips Design published a report on people focused innovation. It’s a interesting document that not only talks about how they use qualitative research and design thinking, but also shows a wide range of resulting solutions for the healthcare market. And some of the proposals are pretty cool — from ambient environments to a kitten scanner (!).

The most interactive of the projects is the “Reading Room 2020” — originally shown at the 2007 Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) exhibition. The Reading Room is designed to be a place where radiologists work together to analyze diagnostic images of patients. The aim of the environment is to allow the radiologist to make faster, more accurate diagnosis and to focus more on their patients.

The demo has a bit of a Space 1999 feel to it. And the report doesn’t explain much about what research drove the solutions shown. But, I’m a sucker for vision films like this — even if the interactions shown don’t really push many frontiers.

You can see the more of the project on Philips Design’s Reading Room 2020 page. There’s also a slightly awkward YouTube video of the actual exhibition with actors doing a live demo.

Link via: Putting people first.