3 Dreams of Black

Take a look at “3 Dreams of Black” — an interactive web-based music experience. It’s part song, part music video, and even a little crowdsourced content. Directed by Chris Milk and developed by Google, it’s an interesting followup to “The Wilderness Downtown“, which they worked on last year.

The interactivity is fairly limited — restricted to left-right panning at select moments — but that this is all being rendered live, in the browser, is pretty remarkable. It’s a great inspiration for designers to think about how immersive 3D can be made part of their work. And a nice step towards showing a standards-based future for the web.

The piece is also a showcase for WebGL, a technology that lets the browser use hardware accelerated 3D graphics. And to help people understand the technology, and even get their hands dirty with some code, Google has included a great technology page with not just demos and code samples, but full code libraries. And, for those feeling brave, they’ve made the entire source code to “3 Dreams of Black” available as a download.

There’s more information about the project on the Google Blog.

(Note that all this requires a browser that supports WebGL — so it doesn’t work on all computers.)

Development tool
Code examples
Interactive code sample