Yayoi Kusama

The Obliteration Room

A couple months ago, while in Paris, I saw a fascinating exhibition of work by Yayoi Kusama. Much of her work has a hallucinatory quality — of obliteration and making things (especially herself) disappear. And it was her dot-room and light installations that I thought were particularly beautiful and amazing.

Dining room
Lights room

She recently completed an installation at the Queensland Art Gallery entitled The Obliterated Room. It’s a a very simple interaction (and without any technology — so maybe it doesn’t really belong on this blog?) where visitors apply colored dot stickers to a white-painted room. I love the way the audience’s participation builds the work, initially showing the contributions and personalities of the individual participants, until eventually it’s an abstract, otherworldly, space.

The Obliteration Room (part-way obliterated)

The museum has also created an interactive game for kids based on the piece. It’s not really noteworthy, but it is the closest this post will get to the digital 🙂

Obliteration game

(Link via Creative Review.)