Caprica Paper

The recent SyFy series Battlestar Galactica series was incredible. A captivating vision of our pre-history. I’ve tried watching the follow-on series Caprica, which takes place sixty years earlier, but haven’t yet been drawn in. The show, however, has an interesting technology…

When a character in Caprica wants to “go online” (or whatever it’s called in their era) or exchange information, they do so through what, at first, looks like a piece of paper. The paper appears to have graphics projected onto it — and it recognizes touch and gestures. It has the qualities of a super-thin and flexible screen with built in wireless communications.

It’s great to see the folds and texture of paper and how they affect the display and influence the interaction. A tactile, yet very informal, way of using digital media. Very similar to how we currently treat paper.

But the interfaces don’t seem fully thought through. I can’t tell if the paper is single-use or disposable — as characters use both new and old, used and creased, sheets. The pages don’t seem to hold a lot of information. And they don’t show dealing with large amounts of dense content.

Singularity Hub points out that this technology is similar to Pranav Mistry’s SixthSense which was demoed at TED. So maybe it’s not so fantastical after all.