Kinected. Conference

There’s been a lot of Kinect-based experimentation lately, and, like so much of it, this new research project from the MIT Media Lab looks pretty cool. But it’s more than just another Kinect-hack — it’s full of intriguing ideas of how video-conferencing can adapt if it’s more than just a “dumb” carrier of video. It asks the question, “what would video conferencing be like, if it knew about the participants?”

The team has come up with some pretty interesting concepts. “Talk to Focus” shifts the visual focus of the system to whomever is talking — so that non-speakers don’t distract you. “Freezing Former Frames” lets participants text, or step out of the room, without being noticed by the other side, or appearing rude. Plus there’s also “Privacy Zone” and “Spacial Augmenting Reality.”

Did I mention that the demo video is pretty cute?

More information is on the project website

Freezing Former Frames
Talk to Focus


(Link via Infosthetics.)