It Gets Better

Just about every time I watch a video from the It Gets Better Project site I cry. The interactivity is anything but interesting… it isn’t much more than a bunch of videos that users have uploaded to YouTube. But as content goes, it doesn’t get any better.

The site, started in September 2010 by columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry, was in response to several students taking their lives after being bullied in school. The purpose: to tell LGBT youth that things do get better, and that suicide is not the answer.

Beginning with a single video from Dan and Terry — it has grown to a collection of over 10,000 videos including those from Tim Gunn, Pixar, Apple, Sarah Silverman and Barack Obama. (How’s that for a mixed list?)

The stories that people tell, and the support shown by companies supporting the LGBT community, are beautiful, touching, and… human. It’s a site about love and living. An amazing achievement, started by just a couple people, that’s grown into something beyond what they could’ve imagined at the start.

Google recently featured the site as part of a tv campaign to promote Chrome. And they include a great line… “the web is what you make it.”

Take a look, and contribute.