The New Aesthetic

“The New Aesthetic” is a term I hadn’t heard before, but now that I have I’m fascinated. It’s a primarily visual theme that James Bridle has been exploring, first in a blog post which introduced the idea, and then on his blog, The New Aesthetic, which is full of great examples.

From a recent SXSW session description (here’s a post-event write-up, too):

Slowly, but increasingly definitively, our technologies and our devices are learning to see, to hear, to place themselves in the world. Phones know their location by GPS. Financial algorithms read the news and feed that knowledge back into the market. Everything has a camera in it. We are becoming acquainted with new ways of seeing: the Gods-eye view of satellites, the Kinect’s inside-out sense of the living room, the elevated car-sight of Google Street View, the facial obsessions of CCTV.

As a result, these new styles and senses recur in our art, our designs, and our products. The pixelation of low-resolution images, the rough yet distinct edges of 3D printing, the shifting layers of digital maps.

I’ve since been trying to think what this means for interaction and interactivity. My homework assignment is to find some good examples. Stay tuned…

(Link via Russell Davies .)