Corning’s A Day Made of Glass 2

Corning continues their vision of the future with “A Day Made of Glass 2.” When I previously posted about their earlier film I wasn’t so impressed, but this one feels more interesting. It’s full of different interactions made possible with a variety of glass displays, from handheld to very large. And, in addition to the standard video, there’s an “unpacked” version (embedded below) which explains the scenarios and the technology which supports them.

Corning makes the case that much of this technology is either available now or else it will be soon. The challenge, it seems, that they’re putting out to the world is to develop the compelling content, applications, and interfaces that can really take advantage of if. But the handful of ideas they show are a nice start… Integrated tablets and large surfaces for education, wall-sized telepresence and collaboration for medical, and transparent displays for large-scale signage and augmented reality.

Sure, it’s a little corny – but it’s fun, too. And it all feels strangely closer than I’d have imagined a year or two ago.

(Thanks Chris for the link.)