Nintendo’s Magic Window

Take a look at this charming new game for the Nintendo DSi — Rittai Kakushi E Atta Koreda which roughly means: “3D Hidden Images: Found it! Here it is!”

The premise is simply: explore 3D scenes and find hidden letters… Tilt the device around to see the scenes from different perspectives. What’s beautiful is how the screen feels like a window into an alternate world. What’s amazing is that the DSi has no accelerometer, it does all the visual magic by calculating movement via motion tracking with it’s front-facing camera!

Sadly it’s all in Japanese. (But there are more images on the game’s official site.)

It’s great to see how something this unique can be created with such basic hardware (even if the game-play experience doesn’t sound like it’s going to win any awards). A reminder that it’s not always technology that needs to always be the driver.