More great work from Bradley Munkowitz (aka GMUNK) — this time a reel of GFX work from the film Oblivion. Take a look: The vimeo page as well as a page on his own website gives plenty of details on what’s what. A nice overview describes the “Graphic Language stressed functionality and minimalism while utilizing […]


Process Videos

GMUNK, who I previously interviewed for his work on “Tron,” recently put up a Pintrest page full of eye-candy fantasy UI and GFX process videos. They’re all worth a look, but here are a couple cool highlights… The “Tron” video shows some of the graphics from the¬†Solar Sailor sequence. Very beautiful. It’s interesting to see […]

Future Interview Present Special

Interview: GMUNK (TRON: Legacy)

For Disney’s “TRON: Legacy,” Bradley Munkowitz, better known as GMUNK, was the lead animated graphics artist. He assembled and led a team of GFX all-stars who conceived, designed and animated approximately 10 minutes of UI sequences and holograms at Digital Domain for director Joseph Kosinski and visual effects supervisor Eric Barba. I was so happy […]