More great work from Bradley Munkowitz (aka GMUNK) — this time a reel of GFX work from the film Oblivion. Take a look:

The vimeo page as well as a page on his own website gives plenty of details on what’s what.

A nice overview describes the “Graphic Language stressed functionality and minimalism while utilizing a bright, unified color palette that would appear equally well on both a dark or bright backdrop.” and the bonus that, because the design team worked on all the UI designs they succeeded in “establishing a consistent graphic language that rendered all the interfaces with a loverly cohesion rarely seen in them massive-budget Sci-Fi productions.”

There’s plenty of detail on the Light Table UI, the Bubbleship UI, and the heads-up displays — good reading, as well as fun to scrub through the video and zoom into the still images to see the precision here.

Update: There’s also this fascinating video talking about how many of the UI graphics were filmed live, and with GMUNK talking, and showing, lots of how the graphics were composed. (Think: grids!)






“Super-ninja on the grid!”