How Big Really?

Apollo 11 baseball comparison

One of my favorite strange-but-fascinating infographics is the overlay of the Apollo 11 moon walks onto a baseball diamond. It presents something that’s so otherworldly and distant (a moon walk) into a super-familiar environment (a baseball diamond) to make the information immediately relevant and understandable. The image, created in 2009 by Thomas Schwagmeier is part of NASA’s Apollo 11 Image Library, where there are loads of other interesting overlays — such as this view of the Apollo 17 traverses over Paris.

Just today the BBC launched Dimensions, at The site gives users the ability to overlay a wide range of “important places, events and things” items onto Google maps. Finally, you can see how the moon walks compare to your backyard! Created by BERG, there’s a great description of the project’s development.

It’s a simple and charming idea — both educational and addictive. Take a look…